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Bobby Benton Jr.

Welcome! I am a web designer and front-end developer that likes to build beautiful, functional and exciting websites.
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I offer a wide range of design and front-end develpment services using the latest design and development techniques.

    • Web Design

      Wireframing, Site Design, UX design, CMS theming, Responsive(mobile), Blogs, UI, etc..

    • Web Development

      HTML5, CSS, Mockup Implimentation, Javascript, jQuery, Responsive and Mobile Development, Prototyping, etc..

    • Print Design

      Brochures, letterhead, business cards, booth design, flyers..

    • Branding

      Style guides, logo design, everything you need to create a unified brand identity.

    • Cross browser goodness

      Quality Assurance testing using Selenium tests and cross browser testing to ensure whatever device/browser your users use will simply work.

    • Site Maintenance

      Sites need maintenance. Whether it's adding new content, updating styling, adding images, creating new headers, I can help.


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Everyone likes timelines, right? Click the years if you want to know more about yours truly!

  • 1980

    It all begins...Yep, this is the day I decided to enter the world...and it was all downhill from there ;)

  • 1992

    This happened... Just thought I'd throw in a terribly awkward picture of myself chubby with braces and a turtleneck for a good laugh..

  • 2003

    After graduating from my university with a degree in music (singing/acting) I got a gig singing on international cruise ships which I did for 6 years. It was an amazing experience!

  • 2008

    This is when I formally got into the awesome world of web design and development. I had been dabbling with Photoshop and the web for a bit but this is the point where I decided to actually devote my career to this amazing profession.

  • Now

    Living in Los Angeles, I am a web designer and front-end developer. I work in-house as the lead designer for a great company called planettelex which is based in Denver, Colorado. I occasionally pick up side projects and love making beautiful, functional websites so if you would like to chat feel free to contact me!

Lets chat

I'm available periodically for freelance work or if you just want to say hello or talk about web or graphic design feel free to contact me!